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Incredible Property Valuation Transformations

Written on March 1, 2017   By   in House Valuation

That that’s what we’re going to see into this class so setting for the lift the spirit valuations here basically from the customizing point of view we have to do three setup first is your define global types then second will be defined global categories and the third will be defined local definitions so let’s start some customizing to let me go to the first part.

say Here I amand so here I’ll say the first part if i go to customizing first SIR oh go to recipe reference and he ever do a ctr f that I am to split valuation press Enter that’s the one select that and say OK and here if you open split evaluation the first step is home valuation pricing guide in detail to activate it OK so in your recipe system you need to activate the spirit valuation so if I execute that here you can see the radio button whether you want to activate whether you want to deactivate this functionality so.

Here you can see exactly what it that’s fine then here’s the main customizing step configure split evaluation so if I execute this one just cancel this one here we have to go to two different stepson step number one is global types OK so here right down-so my step number one is global typeset so here we define that what category how you want to differentiate the material by procurement from different countries by quality by in-house or a excellent procurement or something Eliseo so here i would take the example here say i want to distinguish SE esp era internal procurement and second i want to use is external procurement so whatever data you have is you can think of anything else you need to define a global types so first go to the global types here and click on so here you can see it.

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